Player Journal: Bobbiann Pratt

     My name is Bobbiann Pratt. I am a junior at Aquinas High School in San Bernardino, CA. and I will be playing Division 1 softball at Boise State University in the fall of 2020.

     When I am not playing softball for my high school, I am playing for an elite Firecracker travel team coached by Sean Brashear. For me, it is pretty much a year-round lifestyle. I have a personal trainer that I weight train with 2-3 days a week as well as doing workouts at home. My softball workouts consist of a scheduled hitting lesson once a week along with going to the softball field and hitting off the tee. For fielding, I go to the park and play with my little brother and Dad. With my travel ball team if we aren’t having practice on the weekend we are playing competitive games. I look forward to school starting because in the fall we start our softball workouts. As a captain, I always look forward to seeing what kind of talent we have.

     I always have high goals for myself and try to always give 100% on the field no matter what. Before a season starts I look at my stats from the previous season and make it a goal for myself to beat those stats. Our softball team has won our league for the last 10 years and as a captain, I feel it is another expectation that I have to win that again. I have a great co-captain, Maya Gonzalez, and a great team and I feel we can achieve this.

     Attending a private Catholic high school has been a great experience for me. Most importantly I am able to strengthen my relationship with God. We attend mass as a school every other month. For me having uniforms makes it way easier to decide what I am going to wear that day. Being at a small school you are able to have a relationship with your peers instead of being just another student. I have successfully maintained a 3.5 GPA. Sometimes I feel the stress of being a student-athlete when I have to balance my after-school workouts with heavy homework assignments, but as a student-athlete, you have to make sacrifices in order to get it done.

     If someone were to ask me what my hobbies are I would say softball. I live and breath softball. If I find any extra time I like to hang out with my friends at the mall or just be at home with my family. I have three brothers and two sisters so we stay pretty busy. I also help my little brothers baseball team with practices. That can be quite a challenge to keep twelve 11year olds attention.

I have been playing travel softball since I was 13 years old and have always had a dream to play softball at the next level. This past November of 2018 I was invited to fly out to Boise State to meet Coach Maggs and the rest of the staff. I knew when I got there it was the right place for me. My mom and I got to watch the team practice and meet some of the girls that I would be playing with when I get there. The coaches made me feel so welcomed. Coach Maggs offered me an amazing scholarship which I was more than honored to accept. I am proud to say I will be playing at Boise State University.

No matter what your dreams are don’t give up. Keep working hard and you will achieve your goals.

Bobbiann Pratt

Aquinas High School Softball


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