Month: March 2015

Su’a Cravens To The Steelers

USC Su'a Cravens To The Steelers in the NFL Draft 2016.

USC Su’a Cravens to the Pittsburgh Steelers in the NFL April Draft 2016.

(The following is a fictional story that could happen… and maybe should happen. The following fictitious events are in no way based on sources involved with USC, the NFL, or Su’a Cravens.)

As the family constantly gives hugs and high fives throughout the house, Su’a Cravens cell phones begins to explode with text messages, twitter retweets, and voice mails of congratulations. The moment he has been waiting for had finally come, drafted in the first round by the Pittsburgh Steelers. In a junior year that saw Cravens experience incredible freedom on defense at USC and many team goals realized, being drafted in the first round was icing on the cake. Few people knew that his switch to linebacker in college only made NFL even more attracted to him as an NFL safety. Getting the call from Steelers GM Kevin Colbert took Su’a by surprise since they had very little contact with him during his combine or USC pro day. After speaking with Steelers GM Colbert, Su’a also spoke briefly with Head Coach Mike Tomlin right before the selection was made official on ESPN. Cravens had to fight to keep his emotions together as he sat at home thinking of how far he had come as a newcomer at Vista Murrieta High School under Coach Coley Candale.

In what seemed like a surreal dream, Cravens is handed a cell phone. The voice on the other end sounds soft and calm, the voice on the other end of the line asks him to go into another room where he can talk in private. Su’a quickly goes into another room and begins to speak to the man on the other line. “It’s me Troy, I just wanted you to know that I have been waiting on you to make it. I have been watching you play and I am so happy for you.” As the voice continues, Su’a realizes it’s Troy Polamalu the Steelers legendary safety. “Su’a I’m retiring with a smile on my face because I know that you will carry on this defense and create your own legacy in this game. I have been telling the Steelers for two years that they better draft you because you are a can’t miss.” Su’a and Troy talk for over an hour ┬áin a side room over the phone while family and friends celebrate the night away. The two warriors, one entering the NFL the other leaving, end their conversation with a promise. “Su’a promise me one thing” says Polamalu. “What’s that?” answers Cravens. “Promise me that will play every game with passion, fire, and no mercy” asks Polamalu. “Consider it done! Passion, Fire, and No Mercy… Fight On!”