Black History Month Feature: Passing The Legacy of Culture

What does Black Culture mean to me? Black Culture is our way of expressing ourselves through unique traditions. Whether it is clothing, dancing, art, or even the way we talk. I believe black culture is what most people strive to hop on or recreate. Black culture is essentially a part of us. We aren’t trying to be someone else or trying to be like others. We allow our creativity to run wild and that creativity turns into what is known as “Black Culture”.

Black culture in America is being different and thinking outside the box, which makes our way of thinking so valuable. We have a different way of portraying how we think and feel so we create art and music. Black Culture inserts a message into what we do to drive a deeper level of thinking, to help people see things a way they usually wouldn’t.

Black Culture isn’t just what we wear, say, or do, to me it’s a mentality. Having that “Black Culture” mentality means to strive for bigger and better. Knowing the people before me didn’t have much to work with and they still succeeded through all the hardship they were faced with, I don’t believe in settling for what’s comfortable for me. Taking the responsibility of the legacy of my culture I keep a mentality of wanting to be better than I was yesterday. I try to live who I am daily, my culture pushes me and helps me strive for my goals I want to achieve.

Black Culture is not just a stereotypical wave we want to push upon people. The culture grows a different kind of belief and thinking, there’s nothing we can’t do. Black Culture is a part of who we are and what we bring to the table, now what do you bring?


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