Month: September 2015

My Senior Season: Grady O’Donnell of Chino Hills (September)

Grady O'Donnell

    Once again, the best time of year has rolled around and so far it is the best yet. The Huskies and I are off to a great start, beating our cross town rival Ayala in week one, losing to JSerra in week two, then beating the Roosevelt Mustangs in week 3. So far, I have managed to run for 450+ yards and I have scored 8 touchdowns. I am happy with my accomplishments but not content, as there is quite a bit more football to be played.

    School has started smoothly with good classes and focus. One of my goals for this year is to enjoy the moment I am in, my senior year, and not rush through what some people say is one of the most fun times in life. I plan to make many great memories on and off the field.

     A bit of advices have to younger athletes is to work as hard as you can and set your goals high. If someone is ahead of you in the depth chart, beat them out. If you have something you need to get better at, don’t give up, keep trying to improve. The idea is that when opportunity knocks on your door, you are ready to answer and perform to your full potential. See you next month, Go Huskies!

Grady O’Donnell

Chino Hills High


My Senior Season: Liam Ryan of Damien (September)

Liam Ryan

This season has gotten off to a pretty good start. We won our first game against Roosevelt, which was a very fun game. It came down to the wire, but we got it done. Then we played Charter Oak and I didn’t think it was the way we wanted it to go. We came out hard and we were winning in the first half. We just came out flat the second half. I thought I played well in both games, with no sacks given up in either games and quite a few pancakes (putting players on their backs).

School is going great and just getting back into the routine of classes can be a  struggle. Overall it is still pretty easy, but I’m ready to face any challenges in the classroom just like on the field.

To all the young football players out there, I would say just to live your dreams. Go above and beyond! What ever work you put in, is the work you’ll get out!

See You Next Month,

Liam Ryan

Class of 2016

Damien High School

IE Preps Magazine High School Football POWER 20 (Week 5) 9/26/15

Chino Football

  1. Corona Centennial – Bye Week (4-0)
  2. Redlands East Valley – Beat a tough Carter team 50-0, nothing more to say. (3-1)
  3. Vista Murrieta – Lost to Orange Lutheran 29-14. (3-1)
  4. Norco – Got the close win versus a good Citrus Hill team, 31-28. (3-1)
  5. Rancho Cucamonga – Beat La Serna 59-21. (4-1)
  6. Heritage – This team is just GOOD! Beat Etiwanda 56-14, Brett Virgil runs the offense like a pilot. (5-0)
  7. Upland – Worked George Washington for a 57-0 blowout. (3-2)
  8. Serrano – Bye Week (3-1)
  9. Summit – Beat Elsinore 38-21. Stephen Carr is the best back in the IE. (4-0)
  10. Chino Hills – Beat Downey 49-25. (3-2)
  11. Murrieta Valley – Beat Moorpark 28-7, league play awaits this tough upstart program. (4-1)
  12. Cajon – Made the scoreboard light up, beating Eisenhower 65-6. (4-0)
  13. Citrus Hill – Almost pulled off the upset versus Norco, losing 31-28. (3-2)
  14. Rancho Verde – Beat West Valley 70-0, yikes! (3-2)
  15. Carter – In a big loss to REV, 50-0, the Lions look to regroup. (3-1)
  16. Los Osos – Bye Week (2-2)
  17. Claremont – Beat Bell Gardens 22-0, this may be a special year for the Wolfpack. (5-0)
  18. Rubidoux – With a 42-40 win over Riverside Poly, Rubidoux joins the POWER 20. (5-0)
  19. Redlands – The Terriers take a bite out of Yucaipa 49-21, and enter the POWER 20. (3-1)
  20. Chino – The beat Don Lugo in triple overtime, 22-21. The win the “MILK CAN” and join the POWER 20. (4-0)

Teams To Watch: Chaffey, Chino, Damien, Diamond Ranch, Great Oak, Kaiser, Linfield Christian, Norte Vista, Notre Dame, Paloma Valley, Pomona, San Gorgonio, Santiago

IE Preps Magazine High School Football Power 20 (Week 4) Sept. 19th, 2015


  1. Corona Centennial – Beat Sherman Oaks (52-0). The Huskies are special.
  2. Vista Murrieta – The Broncos beat Lakewood (43-7).
  3. Redlands East Valley – Coach Bruich gets the win over Rancho Verde in a tight game, (38-34).
  4. Norco – Lose to a good Mission Viejo team (37-13).
  5. Rancho Cucamonga – The Cougars find a way to win over Murrieta Valley (34-28).
  6. Upland – Lose to Mater Dei (43-14).
  7. Heritage – Roll all over West Valley (56-6).
  8. Serrano – Blowout over Adelanto (42-12).
  9. Carter – Bye
  10. Summit – The SkyHawks soar over Alta Loma (42-7).
  11. Chino Hills – Lose to a talented Bishop Amat (63-28).
  12. Murrieta Valley – Pushed Rancho Cucamonga to their limit in a loss (34-28).
  13. Citrus Hill – Take care of business, beating a solid Roosevelt team (44-26).
  14. Cajon – Bye
  15. Rancho Verde – In a loss to REV, Rancho Verde proves that are one of the IE’s best teams (38-34).
  16. Los Osos – Beat JW North (42-26).
  17. Colony – Bye
  18. Etiwanda – Beat a good Oak Hills team in a close game (31-30).
  19. King – Pulled out a double overtime win over Riverside Poly and join the Power 20(45-38).
  20. Claremont – Beat Damien in a real way and join the Power 20 (42-17).

Teams To Watch: Chaffey, Chaparral, Chino, Damien, Diamond Ranch, Don Lugo, Great Oak, Kaiser, Linfield Christian, Norte Vista, Notre Dame, Oak Hills, Paloma Valley, Pomona, Redlands, Riverside Poly, Rubidoux, Temecula Valley

My Senior Season: Michael Dean of Chaffey (September)

Michael Dean 2

Now that season has taken flight I am even more excited. We started off our first game against Lakeside and won 35-6. I put up 320 yards on 29 carries with 4 touchdowns in only 3 quarters. I also had 2 receptions for 47 yards. The second team we played was Patriot and we won 35-10. I had 205 yards on 24 carries with 4 rushing touchdowns and even threw a touchdown pass to my blocking back Frank Venegas. Our offensive line and blocking back have gotten stronger over the past couple of games and getting rid of the jitters. Our defense has also been improving every day. This week play Grand Terrace and we are really pumped because we not only lost to them last year but this is a huge game for us. They are tougher and more physical than the past two teams and we feel this will be and indicator of how good we actually are.

     School has started off great and because I am on track with credits I only have three core classes. Maintaining an overall GPA of a 4.0 is my main focus throughout this year.  My advice for young aspiring athlete whether they play baseball, football, basketball, run track, or even swim is to take academics seriously. One of the most important parts of high school sports is grades. You can be the greatest athlete of the city but if you can’t maintain a 2.0 GPA you won’t be able to play. If a college is deciding between two players with the same amount of talent they will most likely pick the kid with a higher GPA. Try not to get behind in credits because high school won’t be as enjoyable for you. Another piece of advice for young athletes is to just have fun. Don’t stress over colleges not giving you scholarships right away because most of the time it won’t happen until you put up stats and have good grades. Also, don’t worry about the school you go to, if you’re good they will find you. Lastly make sure you and your team creates chemistry. Great teams are built upon trust and the ability to play as one.

See you next month,

Michael Dean

Chaffey High School

Editorial: Winners & Losers

Coach Al Brown

(The following editorial does not represent the views of Garey High School, Fontana High School, or Coach Al Brown.)

     As the Inland Empire has expanded, so has its offering of schools and sports programs. In 1987 the city of Fontana had one high school, Fontana High, which meant one football team in the city. At that time, the Fontana High football program was widely viewed as one of the best in the country under legendary Coach Dick Bruich. Fast forward to 2015, the city of Fontana now has four other high schools, besides Fontana High, which all compete in high school football. Fontana High, once the flagship of Inland Empire football, now has to struggle to compete against schools years ago that they would have dominated. Such is the reality of many football programs in this modern era, where teams who were once formidable opponents now are constantly looking to releague for relief just to have a chance to compete. The results of schools losing students, and in turn athletes, can be most noticed in the football programs where the biggest population shifts have taken place. Someone who lives in this reality is Head Football Coach Al Brown, of Garey High School in Pomona. Brown has been working non stop to change the perception of his school’s football program for the past four seasons.

While most high school football freshmen have some level of experience playing organized football, even it is a year or two, Coach Brown’s freshmen usually have pads on for the first time ever. The difference in football experience between what Coach Brown’s players have is night and day compared to programs only a few miles away. Hearing coaching advice from others on what Garey needs to do to get better in football, is a constant for Coach Brown. At Garey the pep talk after many games is centered around effort and not giving up, characteristics that will help many of his players later on in life. Besides teaching them about football, Coach Brown makes sure his team is involved in the community. His team hosted an event to raise awareness for the “House of Ruth” a non-profit that works against domestic violence. Brown also coordinates fundraising all year long because most of his players will not have enough money for the $50 spirit pack which is an afterthought for most schools.

People on the opposite end of the spectrum argue that high school football teams that lose often need better coaching, new administration, or need to train harder in the off season. When teams lose, no matter who the coach is, there will always be criticism of coaches from youth league football to the NFL. Parents, community members, alumni, and former players of football programs similar to Garey’s that lose often, come under even more second guessing and “Monday Morning Quarterbacking” than the average high school. Knowing that schools that were home to great athletes years ago, but now look nothing like the past is a bitter pill for some fans to swallow. Some people come from the rule of thought that no matter where a program is you can always win, others say that you can improve but winning is not promised based on who you are playing.

The impact that losing can have on a football program is more substantial than most would guess. High school football programs at most schools are the largest source of financial support for their school’s ASB. Revenue from ticket sales for home football games can mean tens of thousands of dollars for a ASB account.  When teams lose often, there is usually a drop off of ticket sales for home games. Away games see as few as 10 traveling fans to cheer on their team. This unfortunately is common among many programs that struggle in football throughout the IE. The student body is often heard saying comments like “we suck” behind their team’s back which is a result of a developed culture of losing. Losing in itself is tough for all athletes, but losing by large amounts can affect the self esteem of a team and school. Many coaches battle coaching players who have a “quick to quit” mentality when they face the shame of losing a game by 40 points. Coming back to school on Monday to answer questions such as “did you guys win?” or “what was the score?” can be hard to deal with over time. Even Athletic Directors and Principals can feel the pressure to “go in a different direction” creating a revolving door of coaches.

In this day in age of MaxPreps, recruitment, and social media the question remains… “how are programs that just don’t have numbers supposed to compete?” At many well known Inland Empire High Schools, the number of varsity players can reach up toward 60 players with depth throughout. At schools similar to Garey, varsity football summer camp can start with 25 athletes and the freshmen levels sometimes have to fold all together.. It appears that the gap between schools that can barely get a team together and those that are experiencing success is becoming greater every season. Much of the gap is based on where athletes decide to attend school. When athletes start high school, most want to play at the best school possible with the best team. Very few good high school athletes are comfortable knowing they will spend their high school career as the best player on losing team. At Garey High, last season alone, two of the very best football players the program has had in four years both decided to transfer to other schools for their senior seasons. Not to mention countless other players that live within the school’s boundaries that should have played at Garey but went on to be impact players at other local high schools.

Coach Al Brown of Garey High School represents a number of coaches and schools that have to identify themselves as winners despite the scoreboard. Understanding that the game of football has to be kept in perspective, as training for the game of life. Some say that football is not so much about X’s and O’s but Jimmy’s and Joe’s. Could Nick Saban, head football coach of the University Alabama, change the win loss record at Garey High or Fontana High without recruiting?  How much coaching and weight lifting can a team do to make up the difference between the school’s on the brink? At what point do schools decide that it is better to discontinue a program and save money than have their students lose by thirty plus points a game? Should switching to 8-man football be an option for schools who year in year out struggle?

To the many “Coach Browns” that dedicate their lives to mentoring young people and to the athletes that they coach who keep playing despite the final score, IE Preps Magazine salutes you!

J.R. Rucker


IE Preps Magazine

“No Recess”

My Senior Season: Khalil I. Dorsey of Colony (September)

Khalil Dorsey 2

Our first two games for our football team, I would say were challenging. Playing West Covina on their field , who many people thought we were going to lose, but pulled out a win in the end.  Bishop Alemany was a learning experience for us. Playing in the Honor Bowl taught us about giving back to our military. We learned about the Wounded Warrior program and how they rehab men and women who fought for our country that are wounded. We spoke with veterans who fought for our country as far back as the Vietnam war, as one soldier explained that today’s soldiers come home to a celebration, but it was not always like that for all veterans.  Alemany was a good team with a lot of shifty receivers we didn’t play to our best ability, but we hope to learn from our mistakes and are going to work twice as hard to make sure that does not happen again.

School is going well so far, I made sure my classes were challenging for me so I am currently taking a few AP courses to get ready for the college curriculum I will have.  My advice for young athletes is to not get behind in school, take the SAT and ACT as many times as you can… and if you need tutoring, get it because colleges will come if you have your grades right.

See you next month!

Khalil I. Dorsey

IE Preps Magazine High School Football Power Rankings (Week 3) Sept. 12th, 2015


  1. Corona Centennial – Beat Orange Lutheran in a solid game (35-14). The Husky version of the “Triplets” make plays all name.
  2. Vista Murrieta – Put up big numbers in a win versus Santiago (55-33).
  3. Redlands East Valley – An aggressive schedule can have its risks. REV falls to St. Bonaventure (63-34).
  4. Norco – Bye week for BIG Blue
  5. Rancho Cucamonga – Beat an underrated Don Lugo team (35-7). Another big game awaits next week!
  6. Upland – Lost to Tesoro by two by the hands of a late field goal (28-30).
  7. Heritage – Made quick work of La Quinta in a win (34-16).
  8. Serrano – Another big win, defeating Quartz Hill (63-0).
  9. Carter – The Lions continue to impress beating JW North (69-19).
  10. Summit – Win against cross town team AB Miller (49-28).
  11. Chino Hills – Beat Roosevelt (35-13).
  12. Murrieta Valley – NightHawks win again against Elsinore (55-7).
  13. Citrus Hill – The Hill bounces back with a win versus Arlington (56-21).
  14. Cajon – The Cowboys blow out Kaiser in a statement game (42-7).
  15. Rancho Verde – The Mustangs move up and beat a dangerous Great Oak team (37-27).
  16. Los Osos – Jumping into the rankings, the Grizzlies get the big win against Oak Hills (27-24).
  17. Colony – A brutal pre-season schedule brings the Titans another loss this time versus Bishop Amat (59-12).
  18. Oak Hills – The Bulldogs lose to Los Osos in a mini upset (27-24).
  19. Pomona – The Red Devils win a high scoring game versus California High (43-40).
  20. Paloma Valley – Beat a good Riverside King team (35-21) and enter the Power Rankings.

Teams To Watch: Chaffey, Chaparral, Claremont, Damien, Don Lugo, Etiwanda, Great Oak, Linfield Christian, Notre Dame, Redlands, Riverside Poly, Rubidoux, San Bernardino, Temecula Valley

IE Preps Magazine High School Football Power Rankings (Week 2)

Stephen Carr of Summit

  1. Corona Centennial – Best team in the IE. Will play Serra in a huge matchup tonight (Sat. Game)
  2. Redlands East Valley – Had to fight for their lives in a win versus a good Chaminade team (51-42)
  3. Vista Murrieta – Put up basketball numbers on Ballard in a win (71-32). Kyle Williams might be the IE’s best all around player.
  4. Norco – Beat Rancho Cucamonga in a gritty performance by the entire team (29-26). Coach Chastain is now a hot name in the coaching ranks.
  5. Rancho Cucamonga – Lost to Norco (29-26). The risk of scheduling great opponents, is losing. The Cougars are a very good team.
  6. Upland – Made quick work of Venice. Winning (63-7). Upland has yet to be tested.
  7. Heritage – The Patriots collect another quality win, over Los Osos. (35-14)
  8. Serrano – Rolled over Silverado winning (41-7).
  9. Carter – Dismissed Rialto with a big win (65-0).
  10. Summit – The SkyHawks win the “Battle for the 15” in a high scoring game with Etiwanda (48-35).
  11. Chino Hills – Lost to J Serra (42-14).
  12. Murrieta Valley – UPSET of the WEEK! Murrieta Valley beats Citrus Hill (44-21) and crashes the Top 20 Power Rankings.
  13. Citrus Hill – Lose in an upset, to Murrieta Valley (44-21).
  14. Colony – The Titans get blown out by a good Alemany team (42-0).
  15. Oak Hills – The Bulldogs lose to football powerhouse, Mission Viejo (56-27).
  16. Rancho Verde – The Mustangs beat Murrieta Mesa for the win (49-26). They stay put at #16
  17. Cajon – Quickly beat Valley View (56-10).
  18. Pomona – The Red Devils get back on track with a solid win over Don Lugo (26-13).
  19. Kaiser – This was a dominant display of Kaiser football to open the season. Kaiser beats San Gorgonio (35-7) and step into the Top 20 Power Rankings.
  20. King – King wins in a thrilling overtime game versus Great Oak (23-17).

Teams To Watch: Chaffey, Chaparral, Claremont, Damien, Don Lugo, Etiwanda, Great Oak, Linfield Christian, Notre Dame, Paloma Valley, Redlands, Riverside Poly, Rubidoux,