No Giving Up

Marley Basurto No Giving Up

Chino Hills High Class of 2019 softball standout Marley Basurto looks to be the perfect high school student-athlete. Since she has been a 5-year-old, she has always wanted to be a softball player. Starting her career at Chino Hills Community Park, Basurto has been around the game her entire life, first being coached by her father. As an outfielder, Marley has used her speed and talent to outrun any challenge that she faced on the softball field.

During Marley’s 9th grade school year, Marley made the tough decision to tell her mother about the challenges that she was facing off of the field. Marley confided to her mother that she had not felt like her normal self for quite some time. For the past few years, she had felt pressure and anxiety. The desire to be like her brother, be a perfect student at school, and not make mistakes was quietly taking a toll on Marley. The feelings of moving in slow motion and having bad thoughts were too much for her to take on alone.

With help and copy strategies Marley began to make her way back to who she felt she truly was. Using the support of her family, fidget toys, talking to friends, music, and meditation Marley Basurto looked her opponent in the eye and won. Marley, like millions of people around the world quietly suffered through a mental health issue. Unlike many people, Marley made the courageous move to ask for help.

IE Preps Magazine applauds Marley Basurto for being a winner on the field and off. We are proud to say this Fall Marley will be headed to Valley City State University to continue her career in softball. She credits her family, team, and Crossfit of Chino Hills training for her on the field success.

With the month of May being Mental Health Awareness Month, we hope that Marley’s story can give young people and adults the hope and inspiration to know that reaching out for help in life the best move that you can ever make.




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