Month: September 2016

IE Preps Magazine POWER 20 (Week 4) 9-18-16


1. Centennial (3-1) Beat Notre Dame (Sherman Oaks) with a solid win 48 – 24. Running back Miles Reed had 3 TD’s & Justin Fisher had 250 all purpose yards.

2. Vista Murrieta (3-1) The Broncos come up short in a loss against JSerra 14-28.

3. Rancho Cucamonga (4-0) Rancho Cucamonga holds it down with the big win over Murrieta Valley 41-20. Jaylon Redd delivers offensively in a way that he has to be an early favorite for Player of the Year.

4. Upland (2-2) Upland feels the pain against Mater Dei losing 62-7.

5. Heritage (4-0) The “Machine” of Heritage get a BIG win versus Redlands East Valley 15-7. This win was a big statement for the program.

6. Murrieta Valley (2-2) In what was a big time game and showdown of some of the IE’s best talent, Murrieta Valley loses to Rancho Cucamonga 41-20.

7. Yucaipa (3-0) The Thunderbirds survive a close game versus San Gorgonio 26-21.

8. Rancho Verde (3-1) The Mustangs take the win against rival Citrus Hill 35-24.

9. Redlands East Valley (1-2) In an upset, REV loses a close game to Heritage 15-7.

10. Paloma Valley (4-0) Maybe the hottest team in the IE, Paloma Valley defeats Corona 42-18. Blake Moore had 2 TD’s with 150 yards and Corey Maddox had 3 TD’s with over 200 all purpose yards. Norco (1-1) Bye Week

11. Oak Hills (3-1) The Bulldogs get the win over a tough Etiwanda team, 27-24.

12. Norco (1-2) Norco falls to Orange Lutheran 35-21, in what is a tough pre-season opponent for the Cougars.

13. Chino Hills (3-0) Bye Week

14. Santiago (2-2) The Sharks get the big win 47-8 over Temecula Valley.

15. Cajon (2-1) The Cowboys fall to Paso Robles in a close one 31-28.

16. Notre Dame (2-1) Bye Week

17. Summit (3-0) Bye Week

18. Redlands (2-1) Defeat Chaparral in a close one 23-22.

19. Citrus Hill (2-2) In an annual grudge match, Citrus Hill loses to Rancho Verde 35-24.

20. Damien (3-1) Lose to a GOOD Charter Oak team 27-14.

Teams To Watch: Aquinas, Chino, Colony, Corona, Don Lugo, Elsinore, Lakeside, Murrieta Mesa, Pacific, Perris, Roosevelt, Rubidoux, Serrano


Trey Green: Motivation

Trey Green senior from Diamond Ranch High School shares with IE Preps Magazine his journal entry on how he spent his offseason and his mindset in this new season.


Training Regiment

     The Diamond Ranch Coaching Staff did an amazing job preparing not only myself, but the entire team over the course of the off season. We worked hard in the weight room and in all phases of our conditioning.  There was a marked improvement in my performance times when it came to conditioning.  Conditioning consisted of garrets.  These garrets were no walk in the park either! Nothing like I have ever done before.  None-the-less, these helped tremendously and come in handy not only during practice but are going to really payoff on Friday Nights.  Of course, this in not the only conditioning we do, 550’s and 300’s are also in the arsenal.  So that’s exactly what we do, whether it’s in our core lifts like: bench, snatches, clears or squats all the way to our auxiliaries.


    This Summer I was blessed with the opportunity to go to Hawaii with my family and visit the big Island of Hawaii.  This in itself was great, but we also had an activity just about every day.  We went to Oahu, not to far from our hotel.  I had a fantastic seven 7 days with my family on the island.  My parents put together a list of events to keep us busy and entertained for the entire trip.  We visited Pearl Harbor, the Honolulu Zoo, Dole Plantation.  My favorite part of the trip would have to have been fishing off the rocks with my little brother and Dad.  It was a blast catching triggerfish, and when we ran out of weights, the party wasn’t over. Pops just tied on rocks and used those as make shift weights, which surprisingly worked.  Definitely the highlight of the trip.  Lounging on the beaches of Hawaii was just breathtaking.  My brothers even caught an eel when we were sitting on the beach watching the sunset.  I am so thankful for the parents I have and for everything they do for my siblings and I.


     I am really proud, extremely excited, and motivated for what my team is going to do this season.  I think we are a very strong unit and when we work together as one, it’s going to be hard to beat us.  A large majority of this year’s team is juniors and sophomores, with a few returning faces from the class of 2017.  I believe Coach James Offensive schemes and fast pace tempo will shake up the league.  Whether we are running the ball or passing, none of it could be done without our offensive line. I have to give some shine to those guys because they never get enough credit, they are big and aggressive.  On the defensive side of the ball all I see are savages! (in a good way) A hungry defensive unit that are pure ball hawks and ready to roll! The time is now and we are ready! WE ARE D-R!

Trey Green

IE Preps Magazine POWER 20 (High School Football – Week 3)


1. Centennial (2-1) Made quick work of Orange Lutheran 42 – 14 in a win.

2. Vista Murrieta (3-0) The Broncos stay spotless beating Santiago 41-13.

3. Upland (2-1) Upland takes down Redlands East Valley in a heavy weight match up winning 44-34. Junior running back Kyle Jones had his coming out party rushing for 211 yards with 2 touchdowns.

4. Redlands East Valley (1-1) The REV nation lose an epic battle against Upland 44-34.

5. Rancho Cucamonga (3-0) Rancho Cucamonga holds strong at home and blast Don Lugo 49-7 for the win.

6. Murrieta Valley (3-1) Murrieta Valley loses a nail biter at the end of the game by a trick play to Grand View of Colorado 50-49. Maurice Bell went crazy with 11 receptions for 234 yards. 

7. Yucaipa (2-0) The Thunderbirds strike Palm Dessert in a blowout 56-0.

8. Heritage (3-0) The “Machine” of Heritage continues its dominance. Beating Cathedral City 45-13. 

9.  Rancho Verde (2-1) The Mustangs run away from Burroughs with the win 50-30.

10. Norco (1-1) Bye Week 

11. Oak Hills (2-1) The Bulldogs get rough with Palmdale in the win 50-14.

12. Paloma Valley (3-0) This team just keeps getting better. Getting the win over King 27-13.

13. Cajon (2-0) The Cowboys get comfortable in a big win over Kaiser 32-8.

14. Chino Hills (2-0) The Huskies remain undefeated beating Legacy 28-24.

15. Santiago (1-2) The Sharks lose to Vista Murrieta 41-13.

16. Notre Dame (2-1) Fall to St. Paul 17-0.

17. Summit (3-0) Skyhawks get the win over San Gorgonio 36-25. Super star running back Stephen Carr scores 5 touchdowns!

18. Redlands (1-1) Bye Week

19. Citrus Hill (2-1) Defeat El Camino 54-21.

20. Damien (3-0) The Men of Damien look to be on a mission this season. Beating Claremont 38-7.

Teams To Watch: Aquinas, Chino, Colony, Corona, Don Lugo, Murrieta Mesa, Pacific, Perris, Rubidoux, Serrano

IE Preps Magazine High School Football POWER 20 (Week 2)

Power 20 Week Corey maddox

1. Centennial (1-1) Played the Max Preps #1 team in the nation, IMG Academy. The Huskies showed no fear. Taking the game down to the wire, losing by one point 50-49. Running back Miles Reed went crazy with 40 carries for 162 yds and 3 tds.

2. Redlands East Valley (1-0) Soundly beat a solid Etiwanda team, 31-6.

3. Vista Murrieta (2-0)  Defeat Redondo 31-0.

4. Murrieta Valley (2-0) Murrieta Valley beats a strong Redlands team, 41-28. 

5. Rancho Cucamonga (2-0) Rancho Cucamonga opens their new stadium in fashion with a win over powerhouse Norco, 48-20. Jaylon Redd, the best two way player in the IE, had 136 rushing yards, 2 rushing TDs , 1 receiving TD & 6 tackles.

6. Upland (1-1) Upland takes some frustration out on Claremont, 42-3.

7. Yucaipa (1-0) The Thunderbirds start the season hot, with a win over a solid Grand Terrace team, 34-13

8. Heritage (2-0) The Patriots continue to shine, beating Los Osos 48-14. 

9.  Rancho Verde (1-1) The Mustangs get rough with the Carter Lions beating them, 48-13.

10. Norco (1-1) Tough loss to Rancho Cucamonga, way too many turnovers. 48-20. 

11. Oak Hills (1-1) The Bulldogs fall to Mission Viejo 42-28.

12. Paloma Valley (2-0) The Wildcats beat Valley View, 62-21. Blake Moore, finishes with 115 all-purpose yards with a TD. Running back Corey Maddox had 20 carries with 162 rushing yards with 3 touchdowns.

13. Santiago (1-1) The Sharks get mean in a win over Citrus Hill, 41-10.

14. Notre Dame (2-0) Defeat Hillcrest 48-7. QB Niles Harrell was 17 of 25, with 257 passing yards, 0 Int, 5 TD passes.

15. Cajon (1-0) Bye Week

16. Chino Hills (2-0) The Huskies stay undefeated beating a solid Diamond Ranch team 20-13. 

17. Summit (2-0) Skyhawks get the win over Hesperia 33-7.

18. Redlands (1-1) Strong showing against Murrieta Valley in a loss 41-28.

19. Citrus Hill (1-1) Got eaten up by the Santiago Sharks 41-10.

20. Don Lugo (2-0) This program is turning it around and mean business. Running back Khoury Bethley ran had 18 carries 263 rushing yards and 4tds!

Teams To Watch: Chino, Colony, Corona, Damien, Roosevelt, Serrano

A Coach’s Daughter: By Melissa Salter

Coach Salter & Mellisa

Melissa Salter, the daughter of Upland High legendary football Coach Tim Salter, beautifully reflects  on what football means to her. (Melissa with her father in 1986)

     The Friday night lights are indisputably magical, bringing with them as much emotion and excitement as the stadium can hold. When the 4th quarter ends and the buses make their journey home, most of the crowd crawls into bed, putting football aside for another week. But when you’re the daughter of a football coach, the game doesn’t end just because you step off the field Friday night. Next comes tip toeing around the house the Saturday after a loss, or waking up Sunday morning to the sound of the coaches screaming at your living room TV, as they break down film. Good luck trying to watch cartoons or lounge around in your pajamas; sheets hang across walls and doorways, while projectors illuminate the hope of next week’s triumph.

     As you grow older, the smell of sweat mixed with grass brings about fond memories and you find yourself reluctant to make any Friday night plans beyond pre-season. Forget pumpkin spice lattes and smores, my fall has been defined by football since I was 4 months old. When you’re the daughter, niece, and granddaughter of football coaches there is no off-season. Football is a year round sport; it’s a lifestyle. Even before spring ball and passing league would begin each year, my father, uncle, and grandfather would strategize new plays at the dinner table, using their utensils and cups as the X’s and O’s.

     My siblings and I wouldn’t be the same without the life lessons we learned on and off the field. When I was younger and played softball, I once asked my coach to let me sit out an inning, after playing a double header and scraping up my leg sliding into 3rd.  Never again would I make that mistake. I learned a lesson from my dad that day, something I’ve held with me for the rest of my life. “You never ask to be taken out of the game,” he said, and believe me, I never did again. I haven’t always been successful, but I’ve never again benched myself. Although I often yelled back at him, “I’m not one of your football players! Stop lecturing me that way!” My life has been a series of huddles that have contributed to my success in the next play.

    Being a coach’s daughter means having sharp ears and eyes in the stands. My sister and I were the real life versions of Hayden Panettiere in the movie Remember the Titans. We cling to each other and to our mom on 4th down and jump up from our seats as the boys march toward the end zone. My brother rocked a jersey from ball boy to wide receiver and is on the field by my dad’s side to this day. Sitting in the stands can be hard for the coach’s daughters… we hear it all. And although he doesn’t need us to be, because his record speaks for itself, we are our father’s protectors, standing up for him when parents complain, because we know how dedicated he is to their sons and to the sport.

Salter Family

     What the crowd doesn’t always understand is that when the season ends and when their kids have finished their high school football careers, our season continues. We cheer on the next batch of players as if they were our own brothers, because we know that in our dad’s eyes, they’re his kids too. Being a football coach’s daughter means that I get to be proud of my dad every Friday night, win or lose, because I witness first hand the integrity, grit, and determination he tries to instill in his team. I’ve seen him build a football program into a lasting legacy, from the ground up and with the same sense of pride one might feel in building their own home, board by board. Because of this, football has always been more to me than just a game.

     Our grandfather always said the most important things in life are faith, family, and football. Football is our family, a family we’ve been blessed to be a part of.  So when you see us in the stands clenching our teeth, losing our voices from cheering, or whipping our heads around when we hear a complaint, please understand what this sport means to us. While most families share Sunday night dinners, our family shares Friday night lights.

Melissa Salter

Dedication for Nathan Martinez

Nathan MartinezZilla (Nathan),

Hard work, dedication, sacrifice and a commitment to being your best has brought you here.  You continue to prove yourself.  We want you to go into your Senior year with confidence and pride.  We wish you and your Yucaipa Thunderbird brothers an amazing season.  Enjoy every minute of it- we certainly will!   FINISH!!

We Love you,

Mom, Dad and Nick 

IE Preps Player Journal: McGwire Bustamante of Great Oak


It’s difficult to discuss the new 2016 season without first reflecting on the 2015 team and honoring those 29 graduating seniors, some honored with FBS and FCS scholarships, which helped lead the Wolfpack to another successful season and a state playoff berth.  Last years varsity roster also included many sophomores and juniors who started and with that experience will be counted on to lead the new 2016 team. When the new team first assembled in April, during our conditioning program, it quickly became apparent we could no longer rely on the leadership of the departed seniors and we would need to become role models to the underclassmen, mature, and develop chemistry!!

Many of our players kept active in the offseason by participating in agility and player position development training.  In addition, some also played in 7on7 passing leagues to help hone their skills to prepare against the teams we will encounter in the pass friendly Southwestern league.  In May, spring practices started and we were so excited to finally compete for starting jobs and also see how all the offseason development would carry over to the field. It was so refreshing playing football again and for that little bit of time, it was a nice release from the stresses of school.  Summer camp started the next week after school was dismissed for the year which didn’t leave much room for vacation or to enjoy the start of summer.  Nonetheless, our team was focused for football and played amazing in the Prime Sports 7on7 passing tournament during that first weekend and we achieved a #1 seed in the winners’ division bracket among other top San Diego county schools.  Each summer practice was a grind but one we all looked forward to as we have since youth football and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

During my time off I enjoy family, friends and hobbies, which for me is additional training with my QB coach, or my other passion to be a better surfer.  Yes, studying to be a better QB is a hobby of mine as I love this sport too much to stop.  One day it will be taken from me whether I like it or not so I am going to enjoy the ride until then.  My career goal is to become an Emergency Room Surgeon or Anesthesiologist as I have already done an internship and I look forward to further studying in medicine.  Our football team has developed a stronger brotherhood with every passing day (pardon the pun) with a commitment to return with a renewed vigor and fulfill our potential with the goal to be the best Great Oak HS football team ever.

“Football is Football and Talent is Talent.  But the mindset of your team makes all the difference.”  ~ Robert Griffith III


McGwire Bustamante