Month: December 2017

Player Spotlight: Simon Samarzich

Simon Samarzich Character Still Counts

    Simon Samarzich is character. It is said that character is who you are when no one is looking. Your character is made of the decisions you make in your private life, that are the culmination of your beliefs, dreams, and moral compass. To understand Simon Samarzich you would have to first understand his family. Simon is a lifelong Upland Highlander, something that has been a part of his life since he could walk. The decision to move to Upland years ago was largely due to his Father, Dave Samarzich’s, commitment and belief in the Salter family coaching legacy. You see, character does not just happen, it has to be taught and modeled. Simon has not only witnessed his father and mother’s dedication to supporting the Upland Football Program and city, he has also witnessed it in his older brother Christian. Spending countless days in elementary as a “ball boy” for the Upland High Football Program watching older brother Christian practice, win, and graciously lose taught Simon how to do things the “right way”. 

     Simon works as hard as any high school student athlete that I have ever witnessed. He is now (in our opinion) the best long snapper in the nation as well as a top area tight end prospect. Football practice, football camps, and constant training are the agenda items that make up Simon’s life. When he is not excelling on the field he is dominating in the classroom with a 4.0 GPA average and just for good measure he plays basketball for his high school as well. Quite simply put, Simon never quits. Watching Simon maneuver from being one of the top academic students at Upland High School, to transitioning to being a multi sport athlete who is one of the top class of 2019 prospects in the nation, is a sight to see. Simon is the type of student athlete that can put the world on his back and make it look easy.

     Watching how Simon carries himself and the impact he has on his team to keep a positive attitude and care about his teammates builds unity and chemistry that is so often overlooked in team success. The Upland Football team went undefeated in the Baseline League this season and made a push in the CIF playoffs. With a talented group of juniors Upland made a huge statement for next season. Simon Samarzich was a BIG part of the success you saw in Upland this season. He is the type of young man that doesn’t come with excuses, he is about execution.

J.R. Rucker

IE Preps Magazine