Starting The Year Off Right

The new school year is almost here! So let’s do a little “Spring Cleaning” in terms of cleansing yourself of bad study habits, counterproductive practices and negative thoughts about YOUR educational journey.

Yes, freshman year matters, NO senior year is not a time to “just relax”…and here are few more items I think we should make clean and tidy in this season 🌟

  1. Have you already selected your classes for next year?
    1. Could you be a candidate to take an Advanced Placement or Honors course? You need to challenge yourself! Select a class that is of interest to you that offers rigor and personal stimulation.
    2. Collegeboard reports that Computer Principles is an excellent introduction into Advanced Placement coursework. Consider your strengths and talk with your Counselor today about what is offered at your school.
  2. Who are you following on Social Media?
    1. Trust me…I know everyone wants to see Stormy’s most recent baby pic or how Cardi B is “doin’ it for the gram” but what scholarships has @Myscholly posted on Twitter or have you downloaded the Raise Me app so you can earn 💲💲 for your highest grades. You can spend time on social media saving yourself money for college.
    2. And with regard to be social…when is the last time you checked your e-mail? Colleges and universities correspond frequently using e-mail. Pay attention to deadlines and important info sent electronically.
  3. What are your plans for summer?
    1. Maybe a family trip or outing is on your agenda which is always a good look however you also need to spend time planning for the upcoming school year. I do want you to enjoy your summer but I also want you to maximize the time you have to prepare for your next steps.
    2. What internships await you? Summer School courses you need to take? Volunteer opportunities? Etc…commit to set aside a few days each week this summer to update your high school career plan!


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-Noaveyar Lee, M.A., P.P.S.C.