IE Preps Player Journal: McGwire Bustamante of Great Oak


It’s difficult to discuss the new 2016 season without first reflecting on the 2015 team and honoring those 29 graduating seniors, some honored with FBS and FCS scholarships, which helped lead the Wolfpack to another successful season and a state playoff berth.  Last years varsity roster also included many sophomores and juniors who started and with that experience will be counted on to lead the new 2016 team. When the new team first assembled in April, during our conditioning program, it quickly became apparent we could no longer rely on the leadership of the departed seniors and we would need to become role models to the underclassmen, mature, and develop chemistry!!

Many of our players kept active in the offseason by participating in agility and player position development training.  In addition, some also played in 7on7 passing leagues to help hone their skills to prepare against the teams we will encounter in the pass friendly Southwestern league.  In May, spring practices started and we were so excited to finally compete for starting jobs and also see how all the offseason development would carry over to the field. It was so refreshing playing football again and for that little bit of time, it was a nice release from the stresses of school.  Summer camp started the next week after school was dismissed for the year which didn’t leave much room for vacation or to enjoy the start of summer.  Nonetheless, our team was focused for football and played amazing in the Prime Sports 7on7 passing tournament during that first weekend and we achieved a #1 seed in the winners’ division bracket among other top San Diego county schools.  Each summer practice was a grind but one we all looked forward to as we have since youth football and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

During my time off I enjoy family, friends and hobbies, which for me is additional training with my QB coach, or my other passion to be a better surfer.  Yes, studying to be a better QB is a hobby of mine as I love this sport too much to stop.  One day it will be taken from me whether I like it or not so I am going to enjoy the ride until then.  My career goal is to become an Emergency Room Surgeon or Anesthesiologist as I have already done an internship and I look forward to further studying in medicine.  Our football team has developed a stronger brotherhood with every passing day (pardon the pun) with a commitment to return with a renewed vigor and fulfill our potential with the goal to be the best Great Oak HS football team ever.

“Football is Football and Talent is Talent.  But the mindset of your team makes all the difference.”  ~ Robert Griffith III


McGwire Bustamante


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