Trey Green: Motivation

Trey Green senior from Diamond Ranch High School shares with IE Preps Magazine his journal entry on how he spent his offseason and his mindset in this new season.


Training Regiment

     The Diamond Ranch Coaching Staff did an amazing job preparing not only myself, but the entire team over the course of the off season. We worked hard in the weight room and in all phases of our conditioning.  There was a marked improvement in my performance times when it came to conditioning.  Conditioning consisted of garrets.  These garrets were no walk in the park either! Nothing like I have ever done before.  None-the-less, these helped tremendously and come in handy not only during practice but are going to really payoff on Friday Nights.  Of course, this in not the only conditioning we do, 550’s and 300’s are also in the arsenal.  So that’s exactly what we do, whether it’s in our core lifts like: bench, snatches, clears or squats all the way to our auxiliaries.


    This Summer I was blessed with the opportunity to go to Hawaii with my family and visit the big Island of Hawaii.  This in itself was great, but we also had an activity just about every day.  We went to Oahu, not to far from our hotel.  I had a fantastic seven 7 days with my family on the island.  My parents put together a list of events to keep us busy and entertained for the entire trip.  We visited Pearl Harbor, the Honolulu Zoo, Dole Plantation.  My favorite part of the trip would have to have been fishing off the rocks with my little brother and Dad.  It was a blast catching triggerfish, and when we ran out of weights, the party wasn’t over. Pops just tied on rocks and used those as make shift weights, which surprisingly worked.  Definitely the highlight of the trip.  Lounging on the beaches of Hawaii was just breathtaking.  My brothers even caught an eel when we were sitting on the beach watching the sunset.  I am so thankful for the parents I have and for everything they do for my siblings and I.


     I am really proud, extremely excited, and motivated for what my team is going to do this season.  I think we are a very strong unit and when we work together as one, it’s going to be hard to beat us.  A large majority of this year’s team is juniors and sophomores, with a few returning faces from the class of 2017.  I believe Coach James Offensive schemes and fast pace tempo will shake up the league.  Whether we are running the ball or passing, none of it could be done without our offensive line. I have to give some shine to those guys because they never get enough credit, they are big and aggressive.  On the defensive side of the ball all I see are savages! (in a good way) A hungry defensive unit that are pure ball hawks and ready to roll! The time is now and we are ready! WE ARE D-R!

Trey Green


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