My Senior Season: Liam Ryan of Damien (September)

Liam Ryan

This season has gotten off to a pretty good start. We won our first game against Roosevelt, which was a very fun game. It came down to the wire, but we got it done. Then we played Charter Oak and I didn’t think it was the way we wanted it to go. We came out hard and we were winning in the first half. We just came out flat the second half. I thought I played well in both games, with no sacks given up in either games and quite a few pancakes (putting players on their backs).

School is going great and just getting back into the routine of classes can be a  struggle. Overall it is still pretty easy, but I’m ready to face any challenges in the classroom just like on the field.

To all the young football players out there, I would say just to live your dreams. Go above and beyond! What ever work you put in, is the work you’ll get out!

See You Next Month,

Liam Ryan

Class of 2016

Damien High School


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