My Senior Season: Khalil I. Dorsey of Colony (September)

Khalil Dorsey 2

Our first two games for our football team, I would say were challenging. Playing West Covina on their field , who many people thought we were going to lose, but pulled out a win in the end.  Bishop Alemany was a learning experience for us. Playing in the Honor Bowl taught us about giving back to our military. We learned about the Wounded Warrior program and how they rehab men and women who fought for our country that are wounded. We spoke with veterans who fought for our country as far back as the Vietnam war, as one soldier explained that today’s soldiers come home to a celebration, but it was not always like that for all veterans.  Alemany was a good team with a lot of shifty receivers we didn’t play to our best ability, but we hope to learn from our mistakes and are going to work twice as hard to make sure that does not happen again.

School is going well so far, I made sure my classes were challenging for me so I am currently taking a few AP courses to get ready for the college curriculum I will have.  My advice for young athletes is to not get behind in school, take the SAT and ACT as many times as you can… and if you need tutoring, get it because colleges will come if you have your grades right.

See you next month!

Khalil I. Dorsey


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