The Ivy League Sydney Ormiston Blog #1

Sydeny Ormiston Blog     What’s up readers, my name is Sydney Ormiston, and welcome to my blog. I am an Inland Empire volleyball and basketball player, and I am currently a senior at Murrieta Mesa High School.  Writing the word senior to describe myself does not feel right, and I am hesitant to believe that this is my last year as a Murrieta resident. My blog plan is to cover some relevant and current topics such as coronavirus and its effect, the state of our country, and my high school experience, but today I have chosen to simply explain my commitment, and hopefully give some advice to other athletes considering college sports. 

    To describe myself further, I am committed to the University of Pennsylvania for volleyball. Today’s athletic commitments are extremely competitive, each person constantly comparing their own achievements to the success of others. Every school has its own unique characteristics that hopefully fit the criteria the student-athlete was searching for. My goal was Ivy League, and I planned to get there without taking 7 APs per year and maxing out the SAT. My path to an Ivy degree involved bringing a unique talent to Penn: volleyball. I needed to set myself apart from the rest of the applicants in search of the same result as every other student, an Ivy League education. Do not get me wrong, hard work has resulted in legit test scores and grades, and those coupled with my service and sports resume were enough to make my commitment to UPenn. 

     I chose UPenn after many recruiting calls and campus visits because they fit the categories that I considered to be crucial to my personal decision-making process. My process created a noticeable pattern in that my list was made up of mainly high academic schools. I prioritized academics, but still craved competition on the court. Immediately after I experienced Penn for the first time, I knew it was right for me. It was the campus, the players, the students, the never quiet, undying energy of Philadelphia, and the overall feel of the school that convinced me this was the place I needed to be. The vibe of the school you want to attend is so important, if you feel that you will not fit in with the team or with the students you see and meet on campus, then it is not the right school for you. If something feels off about the school, then something probably is.

    I believe that there is a school or path for everyone, and deciding important aspects such as the size of the school, location, academic reputation, and the overall competitiveness of the team can aid in finding what is right for you. My story is just one of many, and what I looked for in a school might differ completely from what is important to you. All that matters is that you know what you want and that you do not stop until you find what you are looking for. Use the sport or activity that you love to find that place, and don’t do it for anyone but yourself.

     Thanks for reading my first blog and I am very open to discussion topics if you have any questions about my story do not hesitate to email me at   I am also open to writing about any other suggestions you may have so hmu blog squad.


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