IE Preps Magazine Media Day 2017

Etiwanda Cheer

By J.R. Rucker

Our 2nd annual IE Preps Magazine Media Day was held on June 10th, 2017 in Riverside California. Coaches and players throughout the Inland Empire came out to be photographed, interviewed, and filmed. It was a great day of fun and film as we got a chance to get to know the athletes and their parents better.

Special thanks to the following schools and programs:

Los Osos Basketball

Summit Football

Etiwanda Cheer

Cajon Football

McGwire Bustamante of Great Oak

Carter Cheer

Diamond Ranch Football

Roosevelt Cheer

Carter Football

Ashlyn Blotzer of Santiago

Aquinas Football

Redlands East Valley Cheer

Jason Rodriguez of Oak Hills

Etiwanda Football

Roosevelt Football

Coach Guerringer of Corona Football

San Gorgonio Football

Pacific Football

Don Lugo Football

Arroyo Valley Football


Cajon Football All BusinessREV CheerSummit Football We got thisRoosevelt Football:




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