What To Remember After Your High School Career Is Over

The Final Game

I.E. Preps Magazine Special Editorial

     No matter who you are, sport you play, or how good you are… eventually your high school playing career will come to an end. What many people and student athletes often put a big emphasis on, is the last game. Questions such as “did you win it all?”, “how did you walk off of the field?”, “did your senior season goals come to pass?” Though nothing can take the place of walking off of the field as a champion or undefeated, there are other concepts and life lessons that may be even bigger in the long run.

   The following is a list of 10 ideas to remember as you walk off of the field, court, track, or pool after your final game as a high school athlete.

  1. Every moment you spent as a student athlete was great preparation for life, you had to work as a team towards a goal, win together, and lose together.
  2. Relationships, the time you spent with your teammates and coaches will last forever. You all will spend more time in the future talking and laughing about good memories than the tough losses, no matter how few or many.
  3. While nothing will take the place of your high school career, it should be looked at as your start. Your high school career should not be THE highlight of your life, but ONE of many.
  4. You have had the opportunity to take the torch from the players that have come before you and now get to pass the torch to someone else. Now take the opportunity to leave your legacy and hopefully pour your wisdom and knowledge into younger players.
  5. Your Real Fans, your family, friends, teachers, and coaches are the only people that really matter. After all of the cheers are over, your “core fans” will never stop cheering for you in life. Enjoy the rest of your life knowing that they will always be in the stands for you, so make them proud.
  6. While this may be the end of your time as a player you can stay connected to the game in countless ways. As a coach, analyst, official, writer, trainer, physician, photographer, or fan you stay close to the sport you love.
  7. Your character will be revealed. Did you keep your grades up just to keep your eligibility? Were you respectful to your coach only because you needed to play? Now you will get show people you are truly the person  of integrity beyond your sport.
  8. Free time, now that the season is over you will have more time to decide what you will do after high school or develop yourself as a well rounded person. Look forward to the time you will have to grow.
  9. Keep a diary, many student athletes experience slight depression after the cheers and the game lights are over. Monitor what you are writing and feeling, also speak with others if you are feeling down or depressed by no longer playing.
  10. Be thankful, take time to thank people who helped you during your career. Parents, fans, teachers, coaches, and even team trainers have all helped you along the way. Take time to write letters, buy thank you cards, or even placing a phone call can go a long way to show them your appreciation.

Please share this with any student athlete that has played their last game or who may be ending their career soon.

J.R. Rucker

Editor of IE Preps Magazine


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