The Night The Lights Went Out In Fontana




     Last night the Etiwanda Eagles and Summit Skyhawks football teams opened up the 2014 season in grand fashion. In a game that was loaded with big time players, neither team backed down. Summit’s Damian Alloway aka “the USB” used his plug and play speed early on on offense and defense, while Etiwanda’s Khaylon Thomas and Deshawn Fortune quickly established the tone of the game on defense. Etiwanda, in their brand new uniforms, scored first courtesy of a 70 yard run by the talented linebacker and running back Khaylan Thomas. Later in the 1st qtr Summit struck a big pass play from Quarterback Keshon Flemmings to Damian Alloway for 80 yards to tie the game up 6 to 6, with both teams not converting for extra points. Etiwanda’s “11 Head Defense” was all over the field, and would not allow the Summit run game to get going. Deshawn Fortune, and the rest of the defense delivered fierce hits all game and their punishing play eventually took its toll on Summit quarterback Flemmings who injured and out for the game during the 2nd qtr of play. 

    With their starter out Summit tried a variety of formations to get their offense rolling, including a few wildcat formations that featured Alloway at quarterback. In the 2nd half both teams went for it on 4th down opportunities and held each other in check. Summit’s linebacker tandem of Miano and Busby held their own impacting the 2nd half with big hits and physical play. As the game tied began the 4th qtr, tied up at 6 – 6, at the 11:11 mark a transformer blew up across the street and caused the lights to go out in the entire stadium.  In a game that was filled with school spirit from both schools, great weather, the only thing that could stop this game was something that was unexpected, the lights going out.

    Both teams were forced to take the tie, in what was  an intense and hard hitting game by two schools less than five miles from each other.


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